Ferrum & Hide

Ferrum & Hide bridle leather j and fj baker j and e sedgwick

Leather work

Walsall in the west midlands has been at the heart of the English leather trade for nearly 200 years, initially developing around the production of horse saddles and bridles. Fittingly this is where our belt straps are handmade, by a company that was established there over 140 years ago.

After inspecting the bridle leather hide the leatherworker individually
cuts a strip by hand, it is then shaped creating the tongue or point.
This leather strap is then split, which is the process of removing a
layer of leather creating uniformity and our specified thickness.
The raw edges of the strap must now be finished, first the edge is  
slicked flattening the fibres and filling the open grain, the edges
are then dyed and finally sealed and polished to give a
finished edge.

Now the lining leather is cut to shape and split down to just .5mm it
is then skilfully folded and glued back upon itself creating a beautiful
finished edge. Both strips are then precisely aligned and stitched
together, after a final inspection the finished belt strap is embossed
with the ferrum & hide name.  

ferrum and Hide Tarnsjo lining leather with embossing