Ferrum & Hide

Ferrum And Hide Hand engraved large scroll belt buckle with gold line

Buckle decoration

Our highly skilled engravers are some of the finest in the world and when their art is combined with our belt buckle, precious
metals and finishes, the result is beautiful. Every belt buckle is engraved and inlayed by hand and depending upon the
complexity of the engraving can take hundreds of hours to complete


The Signature pattern is a gold line that is hand inlayed into the steel around the edge of the  belt buckle face and on the buckle bar in your choice of either yellow, white or rose gold.This simple gold line when combined with any of our selection of finishes is absolutely sublime. Each buckle is also hand engraved with its own serial number.

Signature engraved belt buckle


Our classic engraving patterns are inspired by the traditional engraved scroll work found on British made sporting guns. These classic patterns feature a gold line of your choice, as with the signature, but with the addition of hand engraved scroll work. 

luxury bespoke custom engraved belt buckle standard fine engraving

Standard fine scroll

A delicate close scroll that adds understated detail to your belt buckle and creates additional individuality to all of our finishes.

Large scroll

These bold scrolls are highly detailed with intricate shading and a deep cut background that works wonderfully with any of our finishes.

Classic Large Scroll engraved belt buckle


In addition, our signature and classic patterns can be further personalised at request with the incorporation of engraved or gold inlayed initials, personal messages and gold lines.

Special projects

The amount of engraving you desire on your belt buckle is personal. For customers wishing to have  a more lavishly decorated buckle,
our engravers will design and engrave you a unique work of art.
 This could include pictures, elaborate scroll work, carved steel, inlayed precious metals and the setting of stones. The only limit is your imagination!