Ferrum & Hide


Buckle Finishes

The finishes we have selected for our belt buckles and clips have been inspired by traditional steel treatments that have been used for centuries. These finishes not only protect and decorate the surface of the steel but age slowly and beautifully revealing the patina of time.

Colour hardening

This is our signature finish, the process not only hardens and protects the steel buckle but creates beautiful shades of blue, purple, grey and occasionally red. Every belt buckle treated this way is as unique as a snow flake, with the same pattern and colours never repeated. The combination of colours and gold is beautiful and means your buckle will truly be one of a kind. This finish is only available on our buckle.

Royal Blue

Our Royal blue finish is traditionally associated with the watch and 
clockmakers blued springs, screws and hands. Because the process is 
done by sight each blue will be a subtly different shade giving it individuality. 
This finish is not as durable as the colour hardened finish but the dark 
purples and blues combined with gold are a truly sumptuous combination. 
This finish is available on both our belt buckle and clips.

Gloss Black

This oxidisation finish is often used by the gunsmith to protect metal finishes 
from corrosion, it does not harden the steel but creates a hard wearing layer. 
We meticulously prepare the surface of the steel to a high polish before application.This results in endless deep glossy blacks 
that set against precious metals are breathtaking. This finish is available on our clip and belt buckle..