Ferrum & Hide

Ferrum & Hide Buckles 32mm and 38mm

Buckle design

With elegant contours and detailed beveled edges, the distinctive Ferrum and Hide belt buckle has taken years of testing and refinement to achieve the perfect balance of form, poise and comfort.

Made from a specially selected steel billet, each belt buckle is formed using a blend of high precision engineering and hand craftsmanship to provide a beautiful canvas for your choice of decoration and finish.


Belt buckle

Belt clip


Designed to hold the belt buckle square to your body, balancing the
tension between the leather belt strap and the buckle, our clip allows
for belt straps to be easily changed. This enables the wearer
the flexibility to choose and change the colour of the strap worn with the belt buckle.

The Ferrum and Hide belt buckle is available for a 32mm and 38mm belt strap.