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How to measure Your belt size

We place great importance on the craftsmanship and quality of our belts and believe this should be matched by the fit of your belt. To ensure that the belt we make for you fits you well, we recommend the measuring of a belt you already possess.  This should be one that you have worn on many occasions and you find very comfortable. We will describe an alternative method but this is less accurate. Please do not rely on your trouser/pants size.

measuring a tongue style buckle

To take the measurement that will give you your belt size, place your belt on a flat surface and position the end of a tape measure on the inside edge of your belt’s buckle (see illustration A).  From this point, measure to the hole in your belt strap you find most comfortable (see illustration B). This is the measurement you should provide us with.

How to measure your belt diagram A
How to measure your belt strap to find correct measurement
how to measure your belt to get your belt size

measuring a plaque style buckle

To measure a plaque style buckle with a pin, take the measurement from the centre of the pin to the centre of your most comfortable strap hole.

how to measure plaque belt

Alternative way to measure for your belt

If you are not able to take a measurement using a belt, you can alternatively measure your waist wearing trousers/pants. Wearing your garment, thread a tape measure through the belt loops, as you would a belt. Then keeping the tape flat and taught (not tight) measure your waist.